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  Providing SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and Email Marketing Services for small business website owners
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Simple Internet Strategies - How to Get More Traffic to Your Small Business Website

"You've invested in a website for your business but why isn't anyone coming to visit? Why aren't you getting more customers with your website?"

The old days of putting up a website and being easily found when your customers search for your business are over. Whether you are a "bricks and mortar" business or simply an online marketer, you have to employ many different tactics to get results from your website.

There are so many possible online marketing strategies being employed now that a whole industry has sprung up to offer services designed to help business owners reach their customers online.

Simple Internet Strategies is here to help small business owners connect with more customers online. From social media strategies to content marketing, search engine optimization and keyword research, we help you to understand and implement the steps you need to take to get more visitors to your website.

Don't have an online business yet?

You Can Start Your Own Business Online

In this stagnant economy, people are looking for ways to make money. You can do that online and I can help you get started without falling into the money traps that so many people have found themselves.

You can start your own business online without having an inventory, or a building or a big bank account. All you need is a domain name, hosting account and website building software. There's no need for any technical knowledge whatsoever to get started! And, this is the best time ever to start because there are so many free tools available to help you.

I'm so glad you found Simple Internet Strategies. I hope you'll find my site to be helpful and informative.